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Mesons Technologies Inc. (Mesons) is an Information and Technology service developer, providing Website design, Web & Mobile applications, SEO Services, and other technology applications across multiple sectors. As a global service provider, we serve and work in partnership with businesses in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.

Mesons’team of programmers, IoT engineers, designers, analysts, and testers is led by award winning entrepreneur Anil Kumar Jupalli, CEO of Mesons Technologies.



To deliver 10X value to all our stake holders, and emerge as a market leader in whatever we do.


To build an innovative business entity that delivers products and services of the highest quality, while adapting to the disruptive technologies, and ever evolving market landscapes.

Technologies & Platforms


User Interface


Development Frameworks


Services We Offer


We see innovation as simplification of the complexity that today's businesses inevitably face.


We breathe life into the ideas and make them come alive for practical application.


We offer end-to-end development of software application that exactly matches with the needs of your business.


Our expert team of expert testers will leave no stone unturned to ensure that only the best software application for your business comes out


We create simple but sauve user interfaces to wow our clients.

Data Engineering

  • Secure & Accelerated Data Collection to Increase ROI
  • Increase in Business Agility, Responsiveness

Technologies Used


  • Enable Daily Data refresh of 100TB Volume
  • Reduced Reporting Log by 5x Speed
  • ETL Transformation within a Week

Technologies Used

  • Online Training and Testing Cycles
  • Scale-out Architecture Handling - 2M Users
  • Able to Perform Prediction in < 325 ms

Technologies Used

  • Online Training no need of Batch Training, Testing & Re-development Cycles.
  • Scaled up the System to Perform Prediction < 325 ms
  • Converted the System to a Complete Scale-out Architecture to Handle - 2M Users

Technologies Used


Stik Book

The idea came out intending to bring out the Creators (People who are skilled in any specialization. It may be in Sports, Education, or Cultural) to connect to the real world and provide opportunities for their better vision and catch their dreams all along the way.

We strive to deliver them the support they needed in terms of courage and financials too.

How it Works:

When a Creator creates a profile on Stikbook and shares their Skill performance video that lengths to max 60 seconds, on us, it will be moderated by our High-End Verification and Moderation team and then gets published on our prestigious platform.

The Video is now can be seen in the real world. Now, people can watch, like, share, and donate if they want to support that creator. We have an exclusive Donate Option for anyone who wants to support a creator.

We are planning to integrate almost all the payment gateways along with a crypto-based token system.

How Our Crypto Based Payment System Works:

This Feature is added for purely helping users cut transaction costs while using the Donate feature on Stikbook. Users can buy some tokens from us and use them for donating the Creators. This way, Creators get funded and also, effective transaction costs provided by our Crypto payment Integration System.

Any user can support our Creators by Donating or by hiring them according to their Skills.

A User can:

  • Like, Share and Donate a Creator and
  • Can hire them according to their Skill
  • Talk for Business Collaborations too

Our validation team involves high-end technical integrations and makes sure the donations received per video are reached to the Real Creator but not to any false representatives.

Stik Book Attributes

A Social Video Platform for the Creators with impeccable skills.

Although there are numerous Video sharing apps and websites online, every platform has its own disadvantages. We have come up with an idea to serve the skilled people all over the world and help them get the right platform to achieve their dreams with our Exclusive Donate Option.

An Amazing feature for Educations and Institutions to make their students show case their skills on our platform and connect with the people around.

We strive to connect the Creators to the Real World and help them achieve their Dream Goals.

Creators: People who are highly talented in specific niches, into broad skills are called as Creators.

Stik Book: Helps These Creators to Share their skills related performance Videos on it and make it Visible to the World.

World Sees it: Now, the Creators Videos are hosted on Stik book and every one can see and support these Creators by “Like” Comment” “Share” “Donate”.

Profile Management

1. Signup or Login.
2. Create a profile. You can be a Creator or a User anyways.
3. Fill out your Profile Stuff.
4. Create Shorts or Videos using our advanced video editing and filters options.
5. Publish it. Let’s the World watch it and Enjoy and Support you.
6. Watch your Video Stats on Video (Likes, Comments, Shares, Donations you received for that video)

User Management

Users Can Sign up or Sign in and Start using it Right away. It takes seconds to start using our STIKBOOK!!
  • Personal Data.
  • General Options.
  • Profile Info.
  • Draft Videos.
  • One on One Message.
  • Option to Record Videos with advanced Editing Options.
  • Posted Videos and Stats (Shares, Comments, Views).
  • Donations received.

Special Features

Stickshop: An Exclusive Stik Book Feature available for all users to avail exclusive cash backs, Coupons, Deals, Referral Bonus and Many more.


Grab the best deals and coupons from top brands all over the world.

Now, Shopping is much more fun with Stick Shop.

Let’s get excited and entertained with this Stik book exclusive feature Integration.

Stick Shop

Cashbacks, Coupons and Rewards

The user can access all the deals from multiple merchants in the form of Cashbacks, Coupons and Rewards. Cashbacks can be transferred to their Bank Account whereas rewards are handed out as gift cards.

Deals by Category

User sees all the deals by categories such as Electronics, Fashion, Hotels and more. Here they can see the deals across merchants sorted into categories.

Deals by Retailer

The user can choose a particular retailer/merchant and see all the available offers for that particular entity. All the merchants available in the app is displayed here


User can search for offers by Merchants and products. The search result will return all the offers matching the search criteria

Refer and Earn

Users can share a referral link to their fellow people and when they use the link, the referrer gets a reward.

Track Recent Click Outs

When the user is redirected to a merchant website, the activity of that session is tracked. User can access this feature if they suspect a missing cashback.

Stick Shop Features

Live Chat Support

A live chat with support is provided on all screens. This option includes Frequently Asked Questions and the Option to contact support via chat/email.


The The user can transfer the money they have in the wallet which accumulated as monetary offerings from deals. This can be transferred to a Bank Account or a Gift Card.

Earning Details

The user can see the history of their earnings here. All information regarding cashback and offers such as Amount, Date, and Total Earnings are provided here.

Referral Network Statistics

The option to see how the people you refereed are doing. You can see all payments that came to you from their referrals here.

Payment History

All information regarding the user's payouts to date is displayed here.

Call Support

The user can call the support via phone if they want an instant resolution without having to chat/email. The button directly makes a call to the support team.

Stick Shop App Design



Grab Deal



Live Chat

Software Development


  • Typescript
  • Java for Backend
  • IOS - Swift
  • Andriod - Kotlin


  • Spring Core, Spring Rest, Spring Security
  • Angular 9
  • Angular Material9 - Material Design framework for angular
  • Apache Kafka - Message Queue
  • Elastic Search - Search & Analytics Engine
  • Gauge and Selenium – Testing Frameworks
  • Java for Reporting System


  • MongoDB

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